Living More Eco-Friendly as a Homeowner

"Products like the Wipebook, a reusable whiteboard notebook, help you to stop wasting large amounts of paper easily."


Living green is a big deal these days. As a whole, the global population is far more aware of the negative impact that people have had on the world in the past. Because of this, everyone is pitching in to do their part to reduce environmental impact. As a homeowner, there are a number of different things you can do to live more green. When you’re buying an eco-friendly home, or looking to make your own more eco-friendly, Wipebook shares some of our favourite eco-friendly products and tips!


Living More Sustainably


If you already own your own home then there are a number of eco-friendly lifestyle changes you can make in your home today! Check them out below.


Reduce Your Use of Paper Products


Paper products directly contribute to deforestation, which is a huge environmental problem in certain parts of the world. By changing the products you use, you can help prevent deforestation. Products like the Wipebook, a reusable whiteboard notebook, help you to stop wasting large amounts of paper easily. Featuring high-gloss paper and dry-erase markers, Wipebook allows you to use and reuse notebooks, thus cutting down on the amount of paper you use on a regular basis. And with the Wipebook Scan app, you can upload your writing to the cloud, wipe the smart reusable notebook clean, and use it again.

Switch to LED Lighting


Traditional incandescent light bulbs burn through energy. When you make the switch to energy-efficient LED lighting, you’ll reduce your electricity usage and your utility bill. Plus, modern LED bulbs can last over 10 years, easily. You may not have to buy another bulb while you’re living in your home after making the switch.


Buy Items Secondhand


When you buy items, especially appliances and electronics, secondhand, you help reduce the size of landfills, as well as the wasting of resources. It can also help you save some money upfront. When buying secondhand appliances, though, make sure that you’re buying energy-efficient models when you can.

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Eco-Friendly Features to Look For


When you’re trying to do your part to save the environment, you can do so by looking for eco-friendly features in your next home; these are some of the best features to look for.


Solar Panels


Solar panels help power a home, using clean, renewable energy. Reducing the amount of power that your home obtains from traditional power plants reduces overall fossil fuel usage. Solar panels are one of the best, environmentally-friendly ways to reduce your carbon footprint.


Updated Appliances


Believe it or not, having the latest and greatest appliances already installed in the home is a very eco-friendly feature to look for. Newer appliances are more energy-efficient, meaning that you can reduce your carbon footprint even further!


Eco-Friendly Landscaping


A big focus on eco-friendly landscaping is coming into play more and more. Eco-friendly landscaping involves using only native plants, as well as reducing the amount of water-usage your lawn needs. By planting alternative ground covers instead of grass, you can reduce your home’s water usage greatly, thus conserving more water throughout the year.


Why Bother With Eco-Friendly Updates in My Home?


The obvious reason is that it helps you save the planet! However, there are other benefits to be had, too. When you update your home to be more eco-friendly, it increases your home’s value. An up-to-date home is going to fetch more money on the market. When you make updates, make sure that you’re taking before and after pictures, as well as keeping all of your receipts! You have to have proof of the updates if you want to increase your home’s value.


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