How I Use the Wipebook Flipchart for my Business

"I’ve found the Wipebook Flipchart to be the perfect brainstorming tool for my copy and design work."


As a conversion copywriter and designer, having a central place to plan out email sequences, sketch sales page wireframes, and work out the finer details of my clients’ funnels is invaluable. 


Until recently, I did all of this work digitally. But I’d wanted to add a flipchart to my workspace so that I could see this work on a larger scale rather than a tiny screen.


Wipebook’s Flipchart has been the perfect fit. On the blank side of each reusable flipchart page, I like making to-do lists and planning out email sequences during my Day Rates. My Day Rates consist of  8 hours of focused work on a specific client project. 


Wipebook Flipchart


We kick-off our work with a meeting, so having the board to sketch on and show them via Zoom is incredibly useful! I like to use the graph side to plan funnels and sketch wireframes. I love that I can scan the flipchart with the Wipebook app whenever I need to, so I never lose my work—even after erasing the board. I’ve shared these notes with my clients, too, so they can see what we’ve collaborated on and discussed. 


When I’m not focused on a Day Rate client, I often find myself juggling 3-5 long-term client projects at a time. Having a large-format flipchart with all of my notes, ideas, and plans for each project in one tidy spot has helped me organize my client's work. Having a visual representation of each project helps me understand my next step at a glance.


Lastly, I like using the Wipebook Flipchart to plan out upcoming projects in my own business. I’ve enjoyed having a place to dump all of my ideas for next year’s launches and projects!


Overall, I’ve found the Wipebook Flipchart to be the perfect brainstorming tool for my copy and design work. Whether I’m using it with clients, brainstorming ideas, or mapping out funnels and sequences, I love having ample, reusable space for all of my thoughts. 


Jaimie McDonald, Conversion Copywriter + Designer


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