Eco-Friendly Tool for Web Designers Who Like to Plan by Hand

"Wipebook is a great notebook substitution for anyone who likes to do things by hand."


I was super excited to receive my Wipebook once I heard about what the product could do. 

I like taking old-school notes in a notebook although it’s hard to keep them organized this way. The Wipebook is the best of both worlds! I can take my handwritten notes on the erasable surface during each client meeting and then upload those notes with my phone to my Google Drive using the Wipebook Scan app, and then organize the notes I have in each client folder. This keeps all of my notes organized and orderly in one place, instead of all over.


 Sketching Landing page on my Wipebook Mini Pro+


Wipebook also provides a great way for me to sketch out web design sections by hand before doing an official mock-up in a design program. This saves me a lot of time by putting my ideas down on “paper” but still being able to easily create and erase them as needed with this personal whiteboard.


 Swiping the sketch


When I have an idea fully laid out I can then turn that into a professional-looking mockup to present to clients without taking the extra time to formulate ideas on the computer as I go.


Wipebook is also extremely eco-friendly. My Mini Wipebook Pro + is a reusable notebook with 10 pages in it; I haven’t used more than the first 3 pages because anything that I need to be saved, I take a picture and upload it to my Google Drive.


Generally, when I use a traditional notebook, once that notebook is full, I will hold onto it for a bit to make sure I don’t need anything in it, and then I’ll recycle the pages. With Wipebook there is no processing in the recycling because you’re doing the recycling on your own!


Wipebook is a great notebook substitution for anyone who likes to do things by hand.


As the owner of a web design and development company, it is so important for me to stay digitally organized. Wipebook is a Smart notebook that is able to merge my analog and digital ways into a cohesive and streamlined system.

 Unboxing my Wipebook Mini Pro+


Sarah Kornblum: Owner at 2 Dogs and a Laptop Web Design & Development


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