Wipebook, a perfect tool for a Web Developer Professional

"Now, after every meeting, I can scan all my notes right into the appropriate folder and clear my Wipebook for the next session!"


The moment I happened upon this product in my inbox, I got so excited about this idea! My first thoughts were about how much paper we would save with this environmentally friendly product.


I’m a bit of a nerd, and I’m always looking for handy gadgets and systems that will be helpful in my Autism/ADHD family. This Wipebook certainly does not disappoint me. I constantly jot down memos and brainstorm workflows during meetings with multiple clients.


Often these ended up “somewhere” in my paper notebooks, after which I’d have to spend lots of time going back looking through everything - and trying to remember the date we came up with a specific brilliant idea in hopes to speed up my search.


Wipebook, an eco-friendly tool for my job


Naturally, I could simply type my memos into a doc during our meetings or type them into my phone to save them in specific folders… but this gets complicated when we brainstorm flowcharts or map out ideas. I would have to bounce around in multiple apps and waste brainpower to organize my notes as I go. I love Wipebook smart notebooks because their erasable surfaces have the three necessary page types. There are multiple lined sheets for my notes and graphed and plain sheets for creative thinking.


 Writing down your notes with Wipebook Scan ruled sheets
 Doodling workflows with Wipebook Scan graph sheets


Now, after every meeting, I can scan all my notes right into the appropriate folder with the Wipebook Scan App, and clear my whiteboard Wipebook for the next session! As a fun side note, my kids can surprise me with little messages and pictures that I can store in their little digital folder, unlike paper art, which usually ends up all over the house where they get trampled and spilled on.


The pages in the Wipebook Scan are approximately the same size as letter paper, which is perfect for me. I like having lots of space to think on paper – but I also like that it isn’t obnoxiously large, so I can easily store it with my laptop and planner.


As an Online Business Manager and Web Developer, digitally organizing and systemizing information is what I do and love; however, I still like to have a traditional “pen and paper” on hand for brainstorming and memos. This Wipebook reusable notebook, plus scanning function with Wipebook Scan APP, is just what my busy brain needed to jot down quick notes without the unorganized paper chaos.


 Using Wipebook Scan APP to save your notes



Denise Wolfe, owner of Prim and Polished Digital Solutions


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