Take Chances, Make Mistakes... Erase!

Re-work, Re-draw & Re-do with Wipebooks & Wipecharts


Where have you been all my life?

Can you imagine a world where the rubber eraser or the delete button didnt't exist? Neither can we, because fixing mistakes, and changing ideas is one of our deepest needs. It's time you tried our reusable whiteboard notebooks because you'll be wondering how you managed to survive without it!

The Wipebook pro and Mini Wipebook pro are the newest family members for the creative innovator in you.

Sketch, Draw and Erase anywhere!

Wipebooks come in all shapes and sizes depending on your needs. Some are the size of flip charts for group work and collaborations, and others are small and portable so you can bring them where ever you go. Some even come in ruled, graph or plain depending on the work you want to do. One thing is for sure, if you are a professional working in engineering, IT, design, or development, a wipebook will surely make you more productive and creative.

Focus Longer with Erasable Surfaces

Non-permanent surfaces have shown to increase creativity because they allow for freedom, flexibility and the modification of ideas which isn't possible on permanent surfaces. This is especially important because it not only relieves stress, but creates an amazingly engaging writing medium. Whether you are doing homework with your kids, or trying to learn something new, a wipebook will also allow you to make mistakes which is critical in education.

Studies have shown that non-permanent surfaces enhances the engagement of groups working out problems in science and in math. Who knew such a simple idea could speed up the pace of innovation!


Building Thinking Classrooms

Unlike typical flip charts, WipeCharts are dry erase flip charts with interchangeable pages that are completely erasable. WipeCharts are the perfect tool for collaboration, idea generation, and communication of great ideas!

Be nonlinear in your classroom instructions or meetings and use non-permanent surfaces to help your students draw connections, think outside of the box, and ultimately solve more complex math and science problems.


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