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Correctable Single Pen

Unlike your conventional dry erase marker, staedtler correctable markers give you the fine point experience of a pen, with the erasability of a dry erase. Best of all, when you write with this innovative little pen, the ink will dry up and become semi-permenant (yet still erasable) in order to prevent accidental smudging when you close your wipebook.

Starting at $3.99 USD


Mini Wipebook Notebook.

With the Mini Wipebook Notebook, you have a portable eco-friendly tool to take notes, make lists and keep track of your day to day life. The small portable size allows you to bring it everywhere you go, but also includes 32 erasable pages, so you’ll never run out of writing space.

Starting at $24.99 USD


Mini Wipebook Pro

The Wipebook Pro’s smaller sibling is an ultra portable stylish whiteboard notebook for the innovator in you. Because of it’s smaller size, you will always have it with you when that perfect idea just comes to mind.

Starting at $39.99 USD


Pocket Wipebook Pro

The Wipebook Pro’s smallest sibling is an ultra portable pocket sized whiteboard notebook for the innovator on the go. This size is perfect for notes, lists and other to-dos; just erase them when complete!

Starting at From $24.99 USD


Wipebook Flip Chart (+easel)

If our Wipebooks are still too small for your liking, check out our gigantic whiteboard flipcharts. Perfect for board rooms, classrooms and environments where collaboration and communication are key. And don’t forget, Wipechart pages can be removed from it's own foldable easel so you can solve problems everywhere.

Starting at $79.99 USD


Wipebook Notebook

This is the original Wipebook in all it's glory. The wipebook notebook comes in three different flavours: ruled, graph and plain pages. With 32 reusable pages of writing space, you'll realise this is probably the last notebook that you'll ever get.

Starting at $29.99 USD


Wipebook Pro

An amazingly sleek erasable notebook for the professional who is constantly brainstorming on the go. Never will you cringe when you go through another full notebook. This is the last notebook you'll ever need.

Starting at $44.99 USD


Wipebook Workbooks

For those who are price conscious, and just need a few pages that can be reused over and over again, the Wipebook Workbook is the perfect tool for you. Also great for large class rooms of students at an affordable price point.

Starting at $7.99 USD


Correctable Box

Starting at $29.99 USD

Correctable Box

Pocket Workbook

Starting at $5.00 USD

Pocket Workbook

Wipechart Bundle

Starting at $210.00 USD

Wipechart Bundle

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