Correctable Box

Correctable Box

Correctable Box

$34.99 USD

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Need to stock up on correctable markers? Try the fine box of 10 correctables.

Staedtler Lumocolor correctable markers are perfect for jotting down notes without worrying about smudges on your Wipebook pages because the ink can easily be removed when you need to correct a mistake.

Unlike regular dry erase markers, the correctables make for the perfect semi-permanent solution so that your stuff only comes off the pages when you want it to; just wipe with a slightly damp micro-cloth weekly to keep your Wipebook pages clean and fresh.

Colour: Black

Other Features:

  • Colour-intensive
  • Limited smudging
  • Low-odour
  • Does not bleed 
  • Wiper integrated in end plug; cap with roll stop
  • Wipes with water

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