You’re Probably Using the Wrong Notebook

It’s difficult but important to choose what is right for you.


The way I thought you used a notebook was that you jotted down notes whenever you needed to, or when you can’t be bothered to remember something. You never stay on one page for long — like your school notes for example — because all you’re doing is writing stuff down to commit it to your memory, and moving onto the next page immediately.

The standard notebook is not the only way to write anymore. In fact, reusable notebooks have been steadily increasing in popularity.

Today, I’d like to share some thoughts and lessons I learned after using a reusable notebook and how you can find the right one for yourself.



Why a reusable notebook?

Efforts to reduce marine litter and eliminate plastic waste were some of the key themes of 2020.

Take the coffee industry for example, which has seen a surge in reusable cups over the last 5 years. With conscious effort on behalf of both retailers and customers to cut the amount of waste produced, one of the most notable trends is the rise of the reusable cup. There’s more to the cup than a nicer feel and look though — when you look at the numbers, the change in pollution is really remarkable.

Pushing more than 10 years of learning and development, reusable notebooks have been perfected. And people are very excited about it.

Wipebook Reusable Notebook Pro+
Wipebook Pro+ Reusable Notebook





Reusable notebooks at a glance

  • They sync with Google Drive and other platforms where you can easily access your scans
  • They make paper obsolete and you don’t have dark spots after erasing (like pencils do)
  • Your friends will think you’re cool

There’s many instances of reusable notebooks helping people study more efficiently.

If you like the concepts of flowcharts and quizzes, this is a simple flowchart I found that helps decide which reusable notebook fits your needs





Which Reusable Notebook Wipebook should you pick







And if you prefer a more accurate quiz…







Yes indeed, I reckon Wipebook notebooks might just be the ultimate faith restorer…


If you’ve had a bad experience with reusable notebooks in the past, I urge you to consider giving Wipebook a shot.

Not just because it’s an amazing notebook…

But because I think it very well could restore your faith in the reusable space as a whole, which will probably end up being good for you in the long run…

Here’s the link:



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