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Richelle Hirlehey, Wilberforce P.S, Thames Valley District School Board



The Wipebook Notebook has been a fantastic tool I have used both in my classroom, while tutoring and with my own daughter when we are practicing or consolidating her learning from school. This versatile and portable book composed of wipe board pages makes teaching easy as it’s always at your fingertips.



In the Classroom



In the classroom, I use my Wipebook when instructing small groups of students.  We practice our letters and sounds as I write them out for my students.  We practice writing our sight words in the book as well.  The coil binding makes this tool so easy to use as I can stand it up and use it as a mini flipchart on my teacher table. My students always ask “Can I use your Wipebook to ‘Write the Room?’”  They love the handiness of this tool as they search the classroom for words they can copy write in the book. I have found the white book to be a great tool to use in outdoor education with my kindergarten students. By giving them each a book and while working in small groups they can record by drawing or writing simple words things that they observed in their surroundings and the best part about it is we can reuse the book over and over each time we spend our time learning and outdoor education. Having a personal one for each student would be an amazing resource for classrooms. Since new protocols and restrictions following the discovery of COVID-19 were instated, it is now more important that ever for school aged children to have their own individual supplies.  This Wipebook fits perfectly into my students school supply bins and saves our district on paper costs.  It’s a win win situation all around.






At Home



My daughter and I will often use the Wipebook in lieu of paper as it is both environmentally friendly and easy to write on and wipe off when finished. Sometimes we will use the book for review where I give her practice questions, mock quizzes and she practices her spelling words. Its compact size makes it handy to take it with us on the go for breaks between her extracurricular activities.  It bodes well for a handy reusable notepad also. Sometimes you may even see me writing our family grocery list inside.






While Tutoring



This handy book goes with me everywhere. I use the white book while tutoring students in addition to in my classroom, outdoors and with my own family. To practice sight words we write a word per page and by flipping the page they practice stretching and blending each word. I also use the book to help develop phonological awareness skills like identifying beginning, middle and ending sounds of words I have written on the pages or when drawing Elkonin boxes for simple CVC (Consonant-vowel-consonant) words so that my students can stick playdough balls under each letter and squish them down as they sound out the letter.  This WipeBook has gotten so much use over the course of the years I have had it and I would highly recommend this product to all educators.






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