Wiped Out- In a good way!!




Aida Hadzovic, PS/IS 226, Alfred B. Mason



It's Wipebook Time! 



We’re back with a brand new product for Wipebook! These Wipebook packets are excellent for smaller groups during hybrid instruction and social-emotional learning. Yes, you heard that right, social-emotional learning!









Want to boost your students’ confidence in your class? If they’re shy, invite them to write down their responses on the Wipebook packet. You’ll definitely see a change in confidence of their abilities and maybe, just maybe, they’ll respond verbally!



Social Emotional Connection



These packets came just in time. If I do not want to interrupt students with a chat message, I’ll use the Wipebook. This allows students to record and track their emotions using the mood meter.



It's okay to be a little selfish 



The Wipebook packet really helps educators stay organized as well. There have been so many times that I haven’t had a post-it handy and as a result, I’ve used the Wipebook packet. I can easily take a picture of my Wipebook packet and email it or upload it to Google Classroom.






As a whole, the quality of Wipebook is top notch. It is easy to literally wipe down and re-use as much as possible.



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