Ways to fill our bucket




Treasure Greaux, Kindergarten Educator, St.Anne Catholic Academy, Toronto Catholic District School Board. 



I could not believe it when I opened my email to find out that I would be getting a Wipebook Flipchart. There are so many potential uses for the product in a face to face learning environment, but what would that look like in a virtual setting. The day arrived when I got the Wipebook Flipchart. I could see why so many in the classroom love this product. The Wipebook flipchart measures 24”x36”  and the shipping packaging also acts as the storage container. It is much bigger than I anticipated which is great as it can be seen from anywhere in the classroom. What I love about the flipchart is that both sides can be used. One side can be used for graphing or writing and the other side is blank. Another great feature about the Wipebook flipchart is that it can be taken apart and groups of students can have their own individual page. This is great for student collaboration as students can spread out around the classroom.






In the virtual space, the kindergarten students love using electronic whiteboards. In the face-to- and in a face to face environment, the Wipebook flipchart is a great place for us to brainstorm. In the virtual setting, students use an electronic whiteboard while I document what is said on the Wipebook Flipchart.



During a time when so many are in isolation, how do we create a sense of belonging and contributing in a virtual and a face to face setting? How do we engage children in sustained shared thinking? How do we continue their emotional development through relationships when we are currently in a lockdown? During our Zoom school, the students often mention Covid-19 and missing their friends and family. This led to a discussion about being kind and filling the invisible buckets of those around them. The kindergarten students communicated their ideas, asked questions, and eventually came to a conclusion. Through collaboration, it was determined that writing and mailing letters to family and friends was a perfect way to fill our loved ones’ buckets. We discussed the parts of a letter and brainstormed on some things they might included.






One of the great things about teaching virtually is that my Wipebook flipchart is at home with me and my own children get to enjoy it at well. It is often used by them to help with homework or during family time to keep score.






For those that are environmentally conscious, the Wipebook Flipchart is a great addition to your classroom and to your household. I loved the product so much that I purchased the Mini Wipebook Scan which includes 10 graphed and 10 ruled pages.



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