Navigating virtual learning with the help of Wipebook Flipcharts




Greta Bergman, MS Math Teacher, Royalton Public Schools. 



I am currently teaching students via Google Meet from my classroom.  My classes meet at the same time we would have had class if all students were in school.  I put students in small groups using breakout rooms at least once per day.  To help me go in and out of breakout rooms more easily, as well as to still be able to have problems shared with students in the main call, I use a second computer.  I have one computer connected to my SMART Board showing directions or problems for students.  When students need to get the next problem, they return to the main call to view them.  I use the second computer to go in and out of breakout rooms to check on groups of students and to answer questions.








When I am going in between breakout rooms is when it has been valuable to have a second workspace and where I have used the Wipebook.  I put my Chromebook in front of my Wipebook so students can see what I’m writing.  Could I just put the Chromebook in front of my whiteboard and achieve the same thing?  Yes and no.  With a whiteboard students can still see what I am writing, but the Wipebook enables me to do some different things than I can with just a whiteboard.  I can have the problems pre-written on the various pages of the Wipebook.  Then when a group of students calls me into their breakout room, I can flip to the page where I have the problem already written.  This may not seem like much, but it does save a bit of time, which is nice when I can see that I have multiple groups waiting for me to check in with them.  The Wipebook also allows me to keep commonly asked questions or important pieces of notes written out to be able to reference with multiple groups of students without having to rewrite them each time.






When I have students back in my classroom, I definitely see myself setting this up as another Vertical Non-Permanent Surface station for students to work at.



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