Remote Learning From the Living Room



Safa Jaber, 8th Grade Dean/8th Grade English Teacher, Presbyterian School, Brooklyn, NY. 



Remote learning has become the threshold of the school year! For us, such a festivity renders in our living room, with an addition of needed tech tools and a desk specialized for keeping my daughter on task and ready to learn! However, staying in one position is not such a simple task for a seven year old. Not to mention, it is impossible to actively participate on a white board, allowing her the opportunity to move and demonstrate individual understanding of a given topic. We’re always looking for different ways to modify remote learning, keeping things afloat and inspiring. One of the most effective ways to promote such aspects is by using a Wipebook Flipchart. It promotes engagement, movement, and motivation to continue to learn!



Time to Move  



The ability to move and express thought is a necessity. Movement promotes motivation to learn, and activates critical thinking, positive engagements, and enhances individual capability. In turn, one is able to express thought freely. One method that has proven to lead to critical thinking is the implementation of a question of the day. Acknowledging such methods, my daughter initiated her own question! Meanwhile, with the use of a Wipebook Flipchart, she was able to construct a graph to show responses! Such a commitment enabled her to demonstrate her current  learning  has been grasped.






A New Form of Expression



Most of the time, questions or topics pertaining to remote learning requirements doesn’t promote space for learning, or expressing complete thought! On a Wipebook Flipchart, my daughter has the ability to express her thoughts, with a wide range of space, observe and evaluate her own work, and easily edit any mistakes!






I also enjoy using non-permanent surfaces as tools for assessment.  I enable my daughter to use a smaller whiteboard to help her prepare for spelling and math assessments., or to offer a more engaging method to display math homework problems. It helps me see what she readily understands. Moreover, it keeps learning hands on and enjoyable!



Freestyle Art 



Another feature I enjoy about the Wipebook Flipchart is the amount of space available to express thought, artistically! With the option to erase and use a variety of colours freely, my daughter has been given the opportunity to freestyle her thinking through drawings. Considering the Wipebook Flipchart features 20 white board sheets, my daughter has enough space to expand her thinking and/or enhance her storytelling skills.  In turn, this enables my daughter to, further, appreciate the purpose of writing.






Sometimes, my daughter would use the dotted graphing side to sketch her drawings. According to her,  it visually allows her to witness how precise her sketches are, even if it’s a simple drawing of herself. Honestly, the outcome was surprising! From the ability to move, freely express thought, critically think, evaluate individual work, Wipebook Flipcharts helped remote learning to be innovative, allowing my daughter to be motivated and more engaged in learning.



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