Using Wipebook as a Web Developer/Content Creator

“This eco-friendly and reusable notebook helped me to write down my ideas, capture a photo and then wipe them off without wasting a single piece of paper. Loved the product."


As a web developer and a content creator on Instagram, I used to write all my ideas, content, coding notes, to-do’s, and everything else into my diary or on sticky notes, but this used a lot of paper and I was thinking about buying a whiteboard to help manage everything. Suddenly, I came across Wipebook products and I got excited to have one of them!


Wipebook products are the quick and efficient solution of taking notes, brainstorming your ideas, or even writing to-dos without wasting a single piece of paper. They're a reusable notebook that has hyper-gloss paper that you can wipe clean like a whiteboard, giving you an authentic but innovative writing experience.


I got my Wipebook Mini Scan a few days ago, and it helped me in the following web development and content creation areas:


1- Design and Development Process:


I like to write everything down so that I can give myself a direction to do specific work. Being a website developer, I complete many tasks in the web building process like designing, developing, and adding new functionalities or web applications. I used to write all these things onto paper, and sometimes I had to cross things off and rewrite them whenever there was a change, and that became messy until I found Wipebook.


Wipebook has helped me a lot and now I’m able to make my whole website idea or prototype onto a small and handy premium quality whiteboard in a very clean manner without any kind of cutting. It's highly innovative - notes on different programming languages, different web designs, and a lot more can be written, scanned and uploaded to cloud services like Google Drive, wiped clean, and written again!


 A page from a Wipebook Mini Scan - it has a template for a portfolio website and web development notes


2- Content Creation:


It’s been a year since I started creating educational content related to web development and computer science on Instagram. Before making any content piece or post, I research that particular topic on which I’m going to post. Using Wipebook is a fun way to help me in organizing my content research.


The thing I really like about the Wipebook mini scan is its pages. It has two different types of sheets, one is plain lined sheets on which I can write anything and the other are the graphed sheets which are helpful in designing. The Wipebook mini scan is almost the same size as my diary so I can carry it anywhere with me. 


A Wipebook Mini Scan with notes about Instagram content creation. An Expo fine tip market sits beside the notebook



In addition to these things, the Wipebook Mini Scan is also really helpful to me in making my daily todos and taking notes. Just write, capture your work with the Wipebook Scan App, save it to Google Drive, Dropbox, or Evernote, and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. Thanks, Wipebook!

The Wipebook Scan App is available on IOS and Android.


A Wipebook Mini Scan sitting on top of some lined paper with computer coding notes written across the page.



Adil Sheikh - Web Developer and Content Creator


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