Sequencing Events Through a Timeline





"While there are tons of technological resources out there the Wipebook Flipchart  was the first time my students could get out of their seats and work with a partner."



 Teaching During a Pandemic 



I had been teaching my students hybrid for most of the school year. In March all students returned face to face and this added challenges to make the classroom an interactive and engaging environment. While there are tons of technological resources out there the Wipebook Flipchart  was the first time my students could get out of their seats and work with a partner.






No Germs Here! 



During the Pandemic it has been difficult for us to do group work and projects due to safety guidelines and not being able to share resources. Having the Wipebook Flipchart allowed us to social distance and work together at the same time. The 10 pack of flip charts could easily be taken apart and dispersed around the room. The Wipebook Flipchart is large enough that students could be properly spaced out and each child could bring their own marker/eraser over. Students enjoyed being able to work with a partner to create a timeline on the life of Martin Luther King Jr. They had just finished researching him for their civil rights unit and this allowed them ample space to display their work. They enjoyed being able to lay on the floor to do their work instead of sitting at their seat. Students are tired of constantly using computers to partner up so this gave them an opportunity to get out of their seats and away from the screen!






Fix It and Forget It!



While students were working on their timelines they loved the fact that they could erase their mistakes so easily. This allowed them the ability to fix errors without getting frustrated. Students also loved how smooth and easily the markers flowed across the pages. They enjoyed using all the different colours to make their facts stand out on their timelines. As the teacher, I enjoyed that students could create eye catching diagrams with resources we already have in our classroom! The Wipebook flipchart makes a great resource to any classroom because it is reusable and easy to keep clean. Just by using a whiteboard eraser/paper towel and Expo markers our timelines were erased like magic and now the flip charts can be used again for another purpose.






 Versatile, Reusable and Ecofriendly



Another activity my students enjoyed using the Wipebook flipcharts for was creating a question chart for their book club groups. Students are placed in small groups of five and are reading a novel that they have picked out. After each chapter they write questions they have about the book. The flipchart is displayed in their meeting area and is utilized and added to daily. I appreciate the fact that these charts are environmentally friendly and I do not feel like I am wasting paper like a regular anchor chart.



Kelly Allabach, Lehigh Elementary School. 



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