4 Business and Time Management Hacks to Use in Your Personal Life



You’re a master at task management. You may currently be using tools like Wipebook to manage daily projects and responsibilities for your small business. So it should come as no surprise that you can apply those same tactics and tools to other areas of your life!



Here are some problem-solving ideas and hacks you should test out:



 Save Time With Freelancers 



For example, you could hire a freelance virtual assistant to manage your schedule and customer service issues at work. Top secret pro tip: virtual assistants can also save a ton of time when it comes to your schedule! It’s a hack that can be so helpful for busy parents.



Or, if you’ve been pulling out your hair trying to make your website mobile-friendly, turn to the expertise of a freelance app developer so that you can stop stressing and maybe even free up your time to pick up the kids after school.



Use Apps to Manage "Projects" 



If you’re an ace at task management, you may already be familiar with popular work apps like Trello and Wunderlist. These apps can make short work of your daily to-do lists and help keep you focused until each one is done. Reusable notebooks can also help you manage your tasks and projects with ease. So why not use those same apps for more personal needs?



Maybe you already have a favourite  task management app for your business, and then you can use a different task management app to stay on top of household chores, grocery lists and more.



If you need to coordinate your to-do lists and schedule with other family members, more specific apps can help you do so. Cozie is an all-in-one choice for busy families on the go.



Set Reminders for Daily Self-Care 



Another task management tool you can use to improve your life? Reminders. You may already have a few reminders set for the coming week, including ones for appointments and meetings that are essential for your small business’s success. But what about reminders to take care of yourself? Well, these reminders are essential for your emotional and physical well-being.



You can set reminders in your existing calendar to take breaks and practice some self-care. Even if your schedule is packed, you should be able to fit in a few moments to drink some water, step outside or take a break from screens. Several effective self-care and wellness apps will send you reminders to make self-care a priority.



Create Dedicated Personal Hours  



Finally, you know how important it is to block off time for work.During these hours, setting boundaries with family, friends and yourself can help you get more done. If you sometimes feel like you never have enough time for exercise, hobbies or other personal pursuits, it may be time to start setting some of the same boundaries around your downtime.



Instead of checking your business email first thing in the morning, put your phone down, and use this time to fit in a workout. You’ll get the most benefit for your mind and body, and more importantly, you will get it out of the way! Need a little help setting boundaries in your personal life? This guide from Positive Psychology will guide you through the process.



Managing your business is important but so is making the most of the rest of your life! The good news is that you can use the same skills and tools that you use to manage tasks for your business to maximize your time for workouts, family time and other passions. Whether it’s hiring freelancers, downloading task management apps or setting clear boundaries, learning how to apply these concepts to other areas of your life can help create real work-life balance.


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