Wipebook Flipcharts, here, there and everywhere!!




Michael Rotondo, ASD Resource, Westmount Park Elementary (North Campus), Montreal, Quebec, Canada.



My name is Michael Rotondo, also known as Mr. Mike, and I have been teaching in Montreal, Quebec, Canada for most of my teaching career. While I may not have my own classroom, I do have the opportunity to visit several classrooms across most grades. I provide support during lessons or do small group instruction outside of the classroom.



Traditionally, chart paper has always been used in schools, but it is no longer practical. Often, students find themselves using whiteboards and tablets, during centers or lessons. It is rather difficult to keep track of student work once completed (especially if it was drawn out on a white board). Then I discovered Wipebook on Twitter.



We tested the use of Wipebook Flipchart inside and outside the classroom. I was able to share a Wipebook chart with several teachers and place one in the hallway for random use. It is especially important to clean all materials during the current pandemic. This makes Wipebook materials even more practical and easy to use. Our Physical Education teachers have already enjoyed using Wipebook to teach lessons.






The most important thing the teachers discovered about Wipebook Flipchart, was the ability to take a picture using the app to save student and teacher work. This can then be loaded to Google Classroom if needed. Great for assessments!






In this picture, I was able to work with a student individually and test his knowledge about 3D shapes. For example, I would ask him to identify a sphere and he would draw what he considered a sphere. He had previously done a lesson with his teacher on 3D shapes






Our students were also able to use Wipebook Flipchart to do Mathematical Problem Solving individually or in groups. It can be used as an amendment for a test or activity (show your work).



One of our students needed a quiet space to do his test. He completed the test by using the Wipebook Flipchart to solve his problems, then copied his answers and work to the paper. He was able to adjust his mistakes faster, rather than constantly erasing using a pencil.





For students with autism spectrum disorder, Wipebook Flipchart was easy and fun to use. It certainly helped make my job easier. We look forward to using more Wipebook products in the future!


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