Weekly task and Games with Wipebook Flipcharts.




Hannah Dandoy, 2nd Grade Teacher,  Alderman Road Elementary School, Cumberland County Schools.



I was thrilled when I received the great news from the Wipebook company that I could become a blogger for their items! This was the first year I started using the Wipebook products, and it's worked out wonderfully. I've been sharing my thoughts and appreciation for both the company and the dry erase products they sell, to all of my teacher friends and coworkers. This is my first blog post for Wipebook, and I hope it will be the first of many! As all teachers know, since March 2020 our teaching styles have been changing rapidly to help our students learn from home or in some situations a hybrid set up of both home and in- person learning. Our students have not been in the actual school building since Mid- March. Once I received the Wipebook flipchart in the mail right before Thanksgiving Break, I found it very easy to transport from home- school no matter where I am teaching from at that time. I love the amount of space on each page, as well as that fact that they are double sided! I showed some of my coworkers the other day, and they are certainly green with envy! They want to get their own as well. One side is a blank dry erase side, and the other can be used for graphing.






As you can see in the pictures, I set up multiple pages to use at school this coming Monday. Even though the students are still working from home, they love the ease of the flipchart when I'm writing something out for them, and also it's a great way to the responses they all give me to a certain question. For example, every week we have an "Idiom of the Week" and a "Word of the Week", that the students use daily, and then try to come up with a sentence example for each at the 2nd grade level. I have a Wipebook page setup all ready to go Monday to each of their thoughts already on the choices they voted on for next week, "Heart of Gold" and "shriek". I can't wait to use different coloured markers to show their responses.






I have also set up pages for our ELA lesson for Monday on the discussion between two texts we've been reading in class on the legend of John Henry, as well as reviews for arrays and place value in Math. The possibilities are endless! I can't wait to write more blogs and share my new ideas each week with you. I have all set up a Wipebook page in each corners of the room. When we are able to come back together and learn in person, I love the idea of using the Wipebook dry erase pages around the room for review games and group work.



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