Guided Math Groups




"The Wipebook Flipchart has made it possible for students to spread out and work together!"



How do you engage students in Math while meeting all the various needs of your students?  Guided Math Groups are the answer!  However, students get bored with doing worksheets and even with games on Technology.  Students typically love to work in groups so the answer is using the Wipebook Flipcharts!









Welcome to my Face to Face classroom!  This year has been challenging to say the least but my students have been amazing during this time!  One thing that has been difficult is finding meaningful ways for students to work together.  Worksheets are boring!  Students want to work together in small groups but as a teacher, I still want to be able to monitor their progress.  The Wipebook Flipchart has made it possible for students to spread out and work together!






Small Guided Math Groups Work!



Students come into your classroom with all types of abilities and levels.  Meeting the needs of each student can be challenging.  Guided Math provides the teacher and students with the ability to meet each student at their level.  We used the WipeBook Flipcharts in our groups to make small groups on the floor.  Students love it anytime that they don’t have to be at their desk!  We were able to easily detach each WipeBook Flipchart by removing the screws at the top.  Then students were able to choose which side they needed.  Some groups used the handy graph side to make line plot charts while gathering data from classmates.  Other students used the graph side to draw arrays when practicing their multiplication.  Finally, another group used the graph side to make sure they lined up their numbers correctly when doing multi-digit multiplication (which can be challenging).  Other groups used the blank side to model different types of equations.  Having the double sided WipeBoard Flipcharts gave us lots of possibilities!






Sharing Work



One of my favorite features of the Wipebook Flipchart was how easy it was for me to monitor student’s work!  I was able to walk around and check in on each group as they worked without interrupting them!  In addition, students could see what other groups were working on!  At the end, when it was time to clean up, students were able to erase the Wipebook Flipcharts easily and reattach them.  We also felt better knowing that we weren’t just throwing away big pieces of flip chart paper into the trash!



 Kristi Houston, Hampden Elementary School, Cumberland Valley School District. 



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