A Wipebook Flipchart for All!




"The great thing about a Wipebook is that it is so versatile.You basically get whiteboards, anchor charts, sticky notes and a digital tool all in one affordable package."



The folks over at Wipebook put out a tweet about a week ago looking for people to help them out with reviews of their products. Being as active on Twitter as I am, I noticed that and offered to help. They sent me a Wipebook of my very own and I could not be happier with it and all the possibilities that it possesses!



My school is in a rural area and sometimes funding isn’t as good as it could be. My school does not have real actual whiteboards and the boards we do have are the old kind that don’t clean nearly as well as the new ones. So, a Wipebook is an affordable option for us to be able to use. One quick way to use a Wipebook is using it as an actual whiteboard. I was able to put my learning targets on one sheet and we were able to roll. The great thing is, the Wipebook pages come apart. I was able to take this page off and hang it up and then I had several more pages to work with for the day. If you like a grid pattern, like I do, then one side has the grid. If you like big blank pages..guess what...the otherside of the Wipebook pages are completely white open space.






I teach history and one of my classes is US History through Comic Books. We examine how US History and politics affected comics and how comics helped influence the culture of the US. The big project for this class was that students would create their own comic book character and tell a story that has elements of the ages of comic books and would be indicative of the culture at the time the comic books are set in. As part of the project, storyboarding is essential. I had a student draw out a chapter of their book on a page of the Wipebook. The student drew some quick sketches and wrote out a few things but was able to do that really quickly on one page of the Wipebook. The Wipebook is perfect for storyboarding!






I wanted to share the wealth a little bit and see how other teachers in my building could be able to use the Wipebook. I took the Wipebook to the physics teacher and she was blown away by the possibilities. She has a smartboard but doesn’t have a whiteboard. She immediately went to explain a physics concept to her students and they were able to discuss the concept. The teacher also mentioned that with the Wipebook app that you can scan the pages with, would have been perfect for the virtual students during pandemic teaching this year. Before I was leaving her class, she was putting in a request to buy a Wipebook for her classroom next year!





I also took the Wipebook to the Geometry teacher and it was great. A student needed help understanding a concept for circles. The teacher was able to pull the student and go about working on the Wipebook. The student was able to help solve the problem on the Wipebook and clearly understood the concept.






The great thing about a Wipebook is that it is so versatile. Once students are able to work in groups again, these pages come apart and students can work on those pages. You basically get whiteboards, anchor charts, sticky notes and a digital tool all in one affordable package. Teachers all over could really put these Wipebooks to great use.



James Caudill, 10th Grade History Teacher, McLean County High School.


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