Fearless Student Engagement and Organization of Thinking



"Math is not a spectator sport. Students need to do math to ensure they make salient connections."



Use of the Wipebook Workbooks has allowed students to show their thinking in real time while not having to broadcast their responses to all members of the group.



Readiness to Participate 



While the use of Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces are wonderful for having students practice collaborative skills, the use of individual whiteboards also has merit. I often start a math class by reviewing the last day’s content. This is mainly in the form of posing questions to the students and awaiting a response. I find the same students raising their hand, the same students feeling comfortable to speak in front of their peers.






Use of individual whiteboards, such as Wipebook Workbooks, allows students to attempt a review problem from their desk in an environment in which it is safe to fail. Small errors are corrected with ease; just erase and replace! I find the students feel less on display and are more readily providing a response to the question posed.






Students who are apt to share their knowledge are still able to do so by holding their individual workbooks up for the teacher or EA to review. This allows for a non-verbal exchange between student and educator, which is beneficial to those who do not want to be singled out.



I let each individual student have a workbook this year and tasked them with the responsibility of keeping it safe. The students have risen to the occasion as they see the value in using this tool daily. They are excited to use their whiteboards and compare answers non-verbally with peers.






With the advent of COVID-19 restrictions, having a non-verbal communication piece that keeps students in their desks is a wonderful option to have. It helps to set the tone at the beginning of class as well: students review individually and then share their thinking with each other as well as the educator in the room.



Grid and Lined Options 



 One of the most notable features of the Wipebook Workbooks is the grid and lined pages on the inside! Students can write on any surface of the Workbook: inside and outside. Inside of the Workbook though one can find lined pages and a grid page. The graphing outcomes within math can more easily be visualized via this grid. Students are better able to make connections between the visual, symbolic, and written expression of patterns and relations. I see students feeling a sense of ownership and pride in their work because of the modality in which they can show their thinking.






Kasey Howard,Teacher Grade 7, 8 & 12,  J.T Foster School, Livingstone Range School Division #68.



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