The Wall of Collaboration




Travis Lape, Innovative Program Director



I serve as the district's Innovative Programs Director. In my role I help the district think outside the box as well as create new learning opportunities for our learners. I use to meet with people and brainstorm ideas, but only on legal style notepads or large chart paper. That worked fine, but I like to have neat looking graphics. When I lay a marker to a chart paper I can’t erase or make changes. When I found Wipebook I knew I had to try this out. Putting these pages up in my office and having a large space to collaborate and brain dump ideas has been awesome



So you might be asking yourself some questions:

  1. Why not just put a whiteboard in your office?
  2. Create a new chart paper with the final thoughts?
  3. Just continue using legal style notepads?



Why not just put a whiteboard in your office? Create a new chart paper with the final thoughts? Just continue using legal style notepads?






What stands out to me with Wipebook is the individual space each one allows for. In my office I have five of them hanging up. Each one can be a different focus of planning for me. If I had a whiteboard I would need to stay on one topic and then erase and move onto the next. The focus of having one page per person is very attractive to me. It gives a defined area for learners in the classroom to jump on one of the Wipebook Flipcharts and start working. I love that the package comes with ten flipcharts  for the teachers to use.



The added value to these is the black line around the whiteboard. It acts as a border so that you can use the wipebook app to scan each Flipchart and send to a location in the cloud. This is an added value to these because each class period you can start fresh and not lose the work the last period did. When we think of the traditional use of chart paper that would be a lot of chart paper daily or weekly going through. A white board again is a limiting factor because of the space it provides.






How high is your white boards in your room? Are you able to use or are learners able to use every space on the board? My guess is that your white boards are hung at a certain level. That level makes it tough for some learners to reach the top and use the entire space. Wipebook because it is in the form of a single chart paper style you are able to hang them where you need them. You are able to put them up on a wall or move them to a different wall. The flexibility that this product provides for teachers, and administrators is incredible.



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