Egg-selent Egg Drop!

"The Wipebook Flipchart was an amazing way to get all students excited, involved, and truly invested in helping their team draw and design the best egg drop design to save their egg!"



Have you been in a situation where you are designing something and you just simply need to draw it out? Have you needed to encourage all students to become involved? These were things students needed to do as they were in the design phases of their egg drop experiment. During the first week of school students were asked to create a design from scratch without writing anything down or drawing anything. Then, they were all given a small window of time to collaborate and draw out their design as a class. This is where the Wipebook Flipcharts made their debuts in our classroom! They offered students the opportunity to collaborate today to work together during the design process.



Working as a team with Wipebook Flipcharts



Students had to use their time wisely as they had limited time to draw before I erased their design and the drawing phase was over. During the design process, students only received 3 minutes to collaborate and draw out their design for their egg drop. This was after discussing it as a team for 5 minutes. Being able to discuss it first before attempting to draw it out allowed each and every student to come up with at least one idea to add. They all had a marker and each added something new to their team's design. This allowed all students to feel like they were valued members of the team, each contributing ideas to the final project.






Time to Draw!



Originally, the task was to not have students write or draw at all during the design phase, however, I felt it would be beneficial for them to be able to get some of their ideas out on paper and the Wipebook Flipcharts allowed for that to be done with ease!



Each group got their time to draw out their design, see what worked and did not work from their minds, and make quick edits as they realized things did or did not work. I gave all students the option of using either the plain or the dotted graphing side and all decided the plain side would be best. 



Engaging Students using Wipebook Flipcharts



Students were in a time crunch so they did not seem to worry too much about the proportion or scale of their drawings as much as just getting their ideas down. The use of the Wipebook Flipchart really engaged students and got them drawing together as a team as it took up their entire table space and allowed all to have an opportunity to contribute. Some groups focused on one large drawing while some each drew their own and then picked the best one. The Wipebook Flipchart was an amazing way to get all students excited, involved, and truly invested in helping their team draw and design the best egg drop design to save their egg!



Jonathan Touhy, Acosta Middle School.



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