Exploring Mathematics through Multiple Surfaces


"Just like making my coffee at home or doing weekly meal preparation, the decision to purchase a Wipebook Pro helps me keep my dollars in my bank account while also reducing my paper consumption."



I have always enjoyed exploring mathematical problems, from a young student up to now as a mature adult.  Anything from straight up calculations or algebraic simplifications, to mathematical statements that showcased that great “aha” moment once you finished the proof.  The quick problems I encountered that were straight forward and required only two to four lines of work, rarely kept my interest. Often the problems I really enjoyed exploring resulted in several failed solutions, hours of inquiry, and multiple sheets of wasted paper.  Notebooks, filled with my failed attempts, were revisited, studied and shared with other mathematicians to showcase my mathematical journey.  Once this was all done, I digitalized my final solution, and these notebooks would end up in the recycle bin, as I had no space or desire to keep them.



Finding the Perfect Paperless Solution



  Although there exists (and has existed) many ways to explore mathematics through “digital”, or “paperless” learning, I have never subscribed fully to any of these programs as I truly enjoy (and feel it represents me as a learner) working through my math with pen and paper.  Yes, pen, hence the extra paper.  Not to mention, the happiness I also experience from buying the latest stationary and writing utensils, my tools for exploring recreational mathematics, and being able to showcase them to my colleagues. 






However, innovations in SMART technology, a desire to reduce my carbon footprint, and trim my spending on disposable stationary products, led me to learning about office products that promoted non-permanent surfaces.  Eventually I found a product that was the perfect marriage of my desire to explore mathematics by writing it down, eliminate paper waste, record my results digitally, and save a bit of my pocket money on stationary.  My discovery: The Wipebook Pro.



An EcoFriendly Notebook



To say that I am a huge fan of Wipebook products is an understatement. I have written in the past about how I have used them for classroom instruction and at-home learning.  As much as I love the Wipebook Flipcharts, I personally find them to be more of a social product, something that I would stand by with a partner or collaboration team, rather than a surface I would choose to use for individual inquiry.  The Wipebook Pro workbook is a perfect non-permanent surface for individual tasks that works comfortably at a desk, table, or on my lap.  It is also light and thin, transporting easily in a backpack or laptop bag.






The Wipebook Pro provides me with several double-sided lined pages, which is more than enough space for my mathematical exploration. The pages are convenient to write on (should I mention I am left-handed?), erase clean, and there are several dry-erase pens that are comfortable to use on this workbook.  As I fill the Wipebook Pro pages, it is a simple procedure to digitalize my work before erasing and moving onto the next step.  The fact that the pages are erasable also makes the product multi-functional. I also use it to take quick notes, leave messages, and allow my children to do their printing, spelling, math and doodles on it.



Saving Money & The Environment with the Wipebook Pro



The Workbook Pro is a stylish product (it’s now also customizable) that makes me proud of my purchase, while also reducing the amount of paper I previously used.  Though the Wipebook Pro feels like an expensive purchase at $49.99 USD, I was easily spending this amount every year on high quality bounded notebooks and paper.  Just like making my coffee at home or doing weekly meal preparation, the decision to purchase a Wipebook Pro helps me keep my dollars in my bank account while also reducing my paper consumption.  It helps me to continue participating in actions that make our planet a little greener. 



I strongly recommend to any educator or student the incorporation of a Wipebook Pro or other Wipebook products, into their home or classroom as a great way to have fun, reduce paper waste and save money (or at least find other things to spend it on).



Jared Hamilton, Mathematics Specialist, Dallas, Texas.



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