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Thank you for your interest in our donation program. In order to qualify for a free donation, we ask that you agree to the following terms below:

      1. Provide event participants a unique contest link during your PD session. (Emailed  to you)

      2. Ensure that a minimum of 20 unique entries have been submitted to the contest. 

      3. Select a winner by following instructions emailed to you.

      4. Share pictures of the event  on social media by tagging Wipebook . 

If you agree to the following guidelines, please complete your order information below. A member of our team will approve the request and process your order.

Please note that first time collaborators may see a balance owing for the price of the products shipped on their order. This is done to ensure the terms of the donation are completed.  Upon completion of the above terms the balance will be removed from the order. 

If you run into any unexpected issues, and are not able to complete the terms, please contact us so we may find a solution that works with both of us.

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