Donation Instructions

Thank you for enrolling in our donation program. Here are a few tips and tricks helping you get through your upcoming PD event!

Before your Event

Bring painter's tape & dry erase markers! These will be required in order to use your Wipebook Flipchart. We recommend 3M blue painter's tape & expo dry erase markers.

Get your Contest Link! In order to raffle a free flipchart to your attendees, you will need to make sure you have a unique link for your contest. Your link should be in the following format:[myuniquecodeword]


During your Event

Share the link! Share your contest link ([myuniquecodeword]) with attendees and talk about our products, thanking us for the donation, while telling them they can win one for themselves if they visit the link. 

Contest Pop up

Select a winner! Once the entry counter on the contest link has surpassed 20 entries, an email will be sent to you automatically asking you to select a winner. Just reply to the email and we will randomly select the winner immediately!


When the winner is selected, they will receive an email with instructions to claim their prize.

For individuals who do not win the contests, an email will additionally be sent providing them 20% off their own purchase. 

After the Event

Share the link if you did not receive enough entries! If you did not receive enough entries to select a contest winner, no worries, you can still share the link after the event to educators in your network or on social media, and select the winner afterwards.

Share your event on social by tagging us! Take some pictures of your pd event and post them on social media by tagging @Wipebook. 

Thank you Wipebook

Let us know about future events! Complete the donation form again if you have any future PD events! We'll be happy to support you.