Writing Names with Littles

"Erasing marks on the Wipebook Flipchart was quick and easy for students as letters were formed."



Writing is such an important skill to learn and for young learners just entering their school careers, it is a clean slate of opportunity. Children in PreK need to learn how to form letters, write their names legibly, and begin to write letters to form words and eventually sentences. Beginning the process can be a daunting task, especially because the children are still developing their fine motor skills.





When working with my students to write their names and write them in a legible manner, I use many different strategies and differentiate based on student needs or skills. I like that the Wipebook Flipchart for whiteboard is different on either side. One side is a large, blank area. Students can write as large or as small as they need to learn to form each letter. Erasing marks on the Wipebook Flipchart was quick and easy for students as letters were formed. As shown in the photo of the blank writing area, the student was able to copy from my writing but in free writing, sometimes the letters all end up the same size.







 It was nice to be able to use the Wipebook Flipchart in an unconventional area of the classroom. I placed metal hooks in the loop holes and hung individual Wipebook Flipchart pages on metal hooks on the lockers in my classroom. This is an area that is a little more quiet in the room during center time. The students found it to be a new adventure, “writing” on the lockers. We can use the Wipebook flipchart anywhere and everywhere!


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