Wipebook Flipcharts Changing my Classroom


"I would recommend all teachers have a Wipebook in their classroom. They are a game changer and the future of education."



I am ecstatic that I am able to share my new Wipebook Flipchart with my second grade class this year. The day I flipped open the book and wrote on it with a dry erase marker, my students reacted like I had just performed a magic trick. They were impressed and excited to use our new classroom tool.






My Wipebook has been a staple for whole group instruction. We use it for all of our subjects: science, social studies, math, reading, and writing. I use it mainly for when we are quickly reviewing information we previously learned. For instance, when we practiced our odd and even numbers, I wrote them on our Wipebook and was able to erase and write new numbers. I could never do this with anchor chart paper! It allowed the students to understand and review necessary concepts without wasting paper!!






It has been our handy dandy helper for science, too. As we are studying changing landforms, I am able to post students’ questions on our KWL charts and as they are answered, erase them and fill in what we have learned.



Additionally, instead of using paper to write down my students’ names for small groups, I can simply put it on the Wipebook. Since groups are constantly changing, I can just erase and move around my groups instead of reprinting paper, or writing on an entirely new anchor chart sheet. This is a great bang for your buck since it is so cost efficient.



The product itself is extremely nice, too. It is a great size and is useful. I have never had to worry about the dry erase markers staining my Wipebook like they do to my whiteboards. I can easily erase my writing or even my students’ and it comes off with a quick wipe.



I would recommend all teachers have a Wipebook in their classroom. They are a game changer and the future of education. Not only do they allow my students to be creative and learn new things, they are an ecofriendly alternative to traditional chart paper.


Victoria Depa, Bensenville, Illinois.


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