Want something? Write it down. Then Share it.

You probably know the sort of guy that does this - the one that has a literal list of things he wants to do. Things to do today, this week, this month, this year, this lifetime. The list guy.  You know who I'm talking about...


wipebook whiteboard notebook share your ideas

Write it and share it

Well, an interesting fact here: When compared against those who don't write down their to-do's, those "list guys" are an ASTONISHING 42% more likely to achieve their goals.


And more than half of those that write things down and are successful, share their goals with a friend according to a recent study at the Dominican University of California.


With this information in mind, the question becomes pretty simple then: "Why don't more people write stuff down and then share their thoughts if it really makes that much of a difference with respect to goal outcome?" 


Maybe it's because they don't want to "waste" paper.


Maybe they're convinced they'll lose the note and it won't matter anyway.


Maybe they don't want to be reminded of how terrible their handwriting is.


Maybe they're just too lazy.




A point of contention here though: this approach to writing down your goals, is fundamentally flawed in a way because it viscerally presupposes that you're writing stuff down because the content of the note itself is the important or fundamental part and thus is primarily required to remind you of YOUR OBJECTIVE.


Although this may be partially true. It is MORE ABOUT THE PROCESS and conditioning the brain than anything else.


wipebook whiteboard notebook condition your brain

Conditioning your brain

According to the study mentioned above it's not the note that's valuable. More specifically, when you write down your goals, you are connecting the thought and/or idea with a tangible action, which in turn is PREPARING YOU to transition  the "concept" into an actionable end result.  YOU ARE CONDITIONING your brain to associate that specific goal with getting something done. 


You might be looking at this and thinking to yourself that you're just "not that kind of person" because you don't do lists. 


AGAIN... I am telling you, this stuff works.....


wipebook achieve your goals

Achieve your goal

Test it out. Write down a single goal. Something you want to achieve with your:

  • Career;
  • School;
  • Home improvement project; or
  • Your family.

Then, share this goal with someone.


You'll see what happens. You'll be amazed.


wipebook write it down

Long story short

Want to get something done? Write it down.


Want to explain something to someone? Write it down.


Want to review something you learned? Write it down.


Want to learn something new? Write it down.


Just sayin'...


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