Inquiry-based instruction in MATH and SCIENCE

(GUEST POST: Allen Antoine)


During the week of July 9th, we had an awesome opportunity to bring mathematics and science educators together for a one-of-a-kind professional development experience.



5th Annual Applied Mathematics Program (AMP)

My colleagues and I at Rice STEM, in conjunction with ConocoPhillips, hosted 72 Houston area educators at Rice University for our 5th annual Applied Mathematics Program (AMP!) Summer Institute.


Mathematics and science teacher representatives from over 15 school districts focused on making connections between their two disciplines, increasing mathematics and science content knowledge, and learning the nuances of inquiry-based instruction.


As a part of the inquiry lesson process, we place a huge emphasis on allowing participants to share and debrief what they have learned during various activities.


Whether exploring the flight of parachutes, modeling the factors that lead to flooding, or demonstrating the effects of high intensity workouts, we always make time for educators to talk about their experiences and findings in a presentation format.



Intro to the Wipebook Flipchart

After being introduced to the Wipebook family of products, I made it a point to feature them in our instructional practices.


In the past, our teachers have used traditional large easel pads to display graphical information and findings from their explorations.  While this definitely served our purposes, teachers found that their practical usage in the classroom was lacking due to the cost these single-use sheets.


Using the Wipebook Flipchart was the perfect solution!


Our teacher participants raved about the fact that they were allowed to use the same sheets throughout the week and easily save their graphics in a convenient Box folder.


In our feedback surveys, a large portion of the group discussed how much they liked the product and would love to purchase them for their classrooms this school year!


Allen Antoine, M.Ed.

Associate Director for Mathematics and Computer Science

Rice University Office of STEM Engagement



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