Versatile, Sustainable, and Fun: Winning Combination!

"Sometimes, students need a brain break. These Wipebook Workbooks are awesome for that! Challenge students to a quick game of Tic-Tac-Toe. After students play a game, they can erase and play again. No more wasting paper!"


How do you accommodate a wide variety of interests and skill levels? How do you encourage students to explore their interests while adhering to scientific research and engineering design principles? How do you allow for student autonomy? How can you reduce the amount of paper being used in the classroom? One of the most effective (and fun!!) ways is by using Wipebook Workbooks. With blank, grid, and lined sides, students can self-select what they need to use, while being able to easily fix their mistakes and show their understanding of their chosen content.


Picture depicts student using a Wipebook Workbook to graph a math problem with dry erase markers.


These Wipebook Workbooks are amazingly versatile! Students have options for a blank, grid, or lined side and can self-select which side(s) they need to use.  

In my Independent Study Science class, students self-select their topics of study. They have a wide range of interests, but these Wipebook Workbooks can be used for them all! Not only do my students select their own topics, they are able to choose how they learn about them. 

Using the lined side, students can take notes from an article they read or a video they watch. Using the grid side, students can collect data from their experiments in a chart or use their collected data to create a graph. 

They can also draw things to scale, which is perfect for microscope drawings and engineering designs. Using the blank side, students can plan their next steps, play games, and so much more! Making a mistake isn’t a problem because they can easily erase and try again! A quick picture and their information is stored for later reference. 

Picture shows a Wipebook Workbook used to make a graph.

Sustainability in Action - Reducing Paper Waste

Sometimes, students need a brain break. These Wipebook Workbooks are awesome for that! Challenge students to a quick game of Tic-Tac-Toe. After students play a game, they can erase and play again. No more paper waste in the classroom! After a few rounds, students are better able to focus on their previous activities.  

These Wipebook Workbooks are also great for brainstorming! Students may need some additional time and strategies to select their new topics or deciding on their process. Students use the blank sides to create a mind map of their interests, potential research methods, and possible activities. Students can save their mind map using the Wipebook Scan app, then refer to it when needed.

Two students in the picture are shown playing Tic-Tac-Toe on the blank side of a Wipebook Workbook.

Sharing What You Learned!

Students in my Independent Study Science class have a lot of autonomy. Students conduct their own literature reviews, select and design their own research process, collect and analyze data, make conclusions, and share their results. Throughout the process, students have made question and answer cards. 

Students in the picture are shown using the Wipebook Workbooks to answer quick quiz questions.


At the end of the process, students share what they have learned with each other by writing quick notes and labeled drawings and using those to teach their small group about their topics. The Q&A cards are randomly drawn and group members answer the question on the blank side of their Wipebook reusable Workbook. Through this game, students have fun while showing what they learned about each other’s topics! Students were excited while engaging in this activity and using their Wipebook Workbooks!  

Stacey Reed, Teacher, Green Street Academy, Baltimore City Public Schools System


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