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"I love Wipebook because it provides such a great opportunity to show the kids how beneficial it can be to use things that are reusable!"



When you have been following an amazing product for a while, and the company offers the opportunity to receive their product in exchange for an honest review, who can pass that up?! Wipebook sent me a product of my own and I am so excited to share so many of its possibilities!



Word Work Fun



One of my favourite things to teach is word work. I love using Wipebook because of its erasable surface, allowing me to easily showcase how we can break apart, rearrange, and put together letters, letter groups, and words to see the different patterns. When I am back to teaching in-person, Wipebook will be a great tool for the students to use themselves in their groups and explore those literacy concepts hands on their own.




 Showcasing ideas on VNPS  


The students love sharing their thoughts, but more than that, they love seeing their thoughts up on the board! Even teaching virtually, Wipebook is a wonderful way to showcase the students’ ideas and opinions, allowing us to see what the students are thinking and how we can make connections between those ideas. I love how it is regular chart-sized paper and I am eager to replace the traditional old flipchart in-class with this exciting new Wipebook.




Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! 



Sustainability, sustainability, sustainability. In the classroom, we are often preaching to our students about the importance of ensuring that we reduce, reuse, and recycle. After all, this is our earth and we must do our part to protect it. But how often do we practise what we preach? Not only do students learn through our words, but much of their learning is through their observations as well. How can we teach our students about reusing and recycling when we ourselves do not take into great consideration what waste we are producing and throwing away? 




I love doing group activities with our students. One way in which I’ve tried to live up to my words about reusing and recycling is by reusing chart paper from previous lessons. However, eventually, these too become paper waste. I love Wipebook because it provides such a great opportunity to show the kids how beneficial it can be to use things that are reusable! Just as silicone bags are a great alternative to plastic Ziplock bags, I feel that Wipebook is a wonderful alternative to conventional chart paper, which can only be used once or twice and then must be thrown away. Plus, who can resist the opportunity to use dry erase markers? The kids love them!



I am so excited to continue using Wipebook with my students in the fall!



Vanessa Lau, Donwood Park Public School, Toronto District School Board.


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