The many ways to use Wipebook Gear!

"OK...I am going to admit something right away: I love to find different ways to use a product. I have always been a fan of taking something that you use and finding a different way to use it!"






I have been a fan of the wipebook for a while. The workbook & flipchart are the two items I am most familiar with and have used. Here are some of the different ways I have used or “hacked” these products.



  •  Using your workbook in conjunction with a doc cam is fabulous. You can use these live with your class or in recorded materials. I use mine with my TutorCam, my Okiocam, and my iPevo Mirror-Cam.



  •  Students using their workbooks can easily use their iPad or Chromebook to take a picture OR use the Wipebook App to scan their pages and attach them to assignments in your LMS (like Schoology, Google Classroom, or Canvas).



  •  How about using your workbooks to play an intense game of battleship? Make sure students mark their X & Y coordinates the same and then they can use the wipebook like the game to “hide” their boards from the other player. (Use a different colored pen to mark the “hits” from your competitor). FUN! 






  •    Coding with workbooks - you bet! Use a coding lesson like this from to have students work on creating pixel image codes.







  •  I like to take the flipchart apart and place the pages on the floor/large table to use with coding robots like Beebot, Dash, and iRobot. All of these items have a “draw” feature and with the use of the dry erase markers you can code your robots to make awesome art on a flipchart page. See a playlist of videos of these robots in motion on my youtube channel.



  • Speaking of dry erase markers, have you seen these? They are Wrigos - it is a product where you slip in your dry erase marker and it has a built in eraser on the back! A super quick way to erase your flipchart pages.


     Workbook & Flipchart



    • So this is something I saw on the Rocketbook blog, but I thought it would be perfect for the Workbook & Flipchart. I bought a handful of NFC tags on Amazon and using the iPhone’s Shortcuts app, I made a personal automation that all I have to do is touch my phone to the tag and it automatically opens the Wipebook app for me to start scanning. Want to try it yourself? Here is the tutorial video on my youtube channel.









    I hope this blogpost has inspired you to think about different ways to use your Wipebook products in your classroom. Have fun!



    Tricia Louis, Technology Integration Professional, Richland School District. 



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