Top 3 Tools to Use with Your Wipebook

"Once you've combined these tools with your Wipebook products - you'll have heightened your Wipebook experience and sustainbly impacted your office environment!"


Wipebook offers eco-friendly office solutions for large and small firms alike. Their patented hyper-gloss paper allows you to use and reuse notebook and flipchart paper like a whiteboard, while still maintaining that pen-to-paper feel. Products like the Wipebook Pro+ are perfect for the individual note-taker, doodler, and diagram sketcher, while the Wipebook Flipchart is a great addition to any collaborative team.


But what about after you've already purchased your first Wipebook? Is there a way to enrich your experience with these Smart reusable notebooks? Take a look at these other professional tools to compliment your Wipebook product:

HUE Cameras


HUE Cameras is an intuitive and colorful company that offers affordable HD cameras with the goal to inspire creative learning, work, and play. The HUE HD Pro Camera features an impressive range of features such as:

  • Adjustable neck for full 360-degree video
  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • Built-in LED lights


  • A high-quality microphone


It sure packs in a lot for such a lightweight and portable camera! HUE offers incredible work-from-home office solutions for professionals across various industries. Since these document cameras connect seamlessly to your computer through USB ports, HUE can become your go-to video chat and web conference camera - this is especially helpful if you're constantly presenting, designing, or brainstorming.


This is where Wipebook comes in - adjust your camera over your Notebook or Flipcharts reusable page and sketch building or database designs, customer journey maps, new webpage designs, and anything else you can think of in real-time. For most of us, hand-drawing these concepts is easier than digital drag-and-drop diagram builders or trying to sketch something with your mouse.


Best of all, HUE Cameras were originally designed for teachers and with a busy classroom in mind. This means they're durable and built to last for years, cementing them as a top-tier sustainable office supply.


A black HUE camera attached to a Mac book and showing a photo of doodles from a Wipebook Scan

Wipebook Scan App


Don't let the name fool you, the Wipebook Scan isn't the only product that can be used with this app! The Wipebook Scan App is available on IOS and Android mobile devices and allows you to scan the notes on your Wipebook Pro, Scan, Notebook, or Flipchart into a PDF and then upload them to cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox. After that, wipe your pages clean and start all over - making Wipebook products truly some of the best reusable office supplies on the market.


The app is easy to use as well; after downloading it, link one of the several in-app storage folders to your preferred cloud storage service. This step can be repeated with other folders to link to multiple services - this great for professionals who need multiple accounts like Google Drive for classwork, Dropbox for work files, and Evernote for personal to-dos and ideas.


Then, allow the app to access your camera and line up your shot. After taking a picture of your notes, crop it down to just feature your Wipebook page and upload the scan. Note, the app works best when your Wipebook product is laying flat - or hanging straight if you're using a Flipchart - in a well lit room.


By using the Wipebook Scan App, you're Wipebook becomes an eco-friendly professional tool that lets you take advantage of zero waste notetaking.


 A woman with pink nails using the Wipebook Scan App

The Perfect Cleaning Regimen


In order to get the maximum lifetime out of your Wipebook, it's important to invest a little bit of time into taking care of it. You can clean your Wipebook just like you'd clean any standard whiteboard.


For the best results, we recommend you give your Wipebook pages a good wipedown with a whiteboard cleaner like this one from Expo - but regular warm water or baby wipes works too.


You might've heard of, or used yourself, nail polish remover with acetone, isopropyl alcohol, glass cleaner, and even hand sanitizer to clean whiteboards. All those these work in a pinch, continuous use of them will slowly eat away at the top layers of your whiteboard or Wipebook pages - making them impossible to erase down the road!


Similar to using harsh chemical cleaners, scrubbing your whiteboard and Wipebook pages with harsh tools like scour pads, the rough side of a sponge, and even some lower-quality paper towels will also scratch away at the product's top layers over time. Once these layers are gone, the marker ink will be able to seep into the pages deeper than before and staining will become inevitable. To avoid this, soft cloths like microfibre, or designed whiteboard erasers that lift dry erase marker instead of rub.


 A woman's hand wiping a Wipebook Pro+  with a pink microfibre cloth



Once you've combined these tools with your Wipebook products - you'll have heightened your Wipebook experience and sustainably impacted your office environment! You can read about other uses of Wipebook products in the blogs featured below.


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