Moving and Math-ing with Wipebook!




Lisa Richardson, Clear Brook High School, Clear Creek Independent School District, League City, Texas.



Several years ago, I attended a conference session where the presenter used Wipebooks to facilitate learning in groups throughout the room. In subsequent conferences, I anxiously attended his sessions in hopes of having my name chosen to win a few of those unique and versatile #VNPS! Alas, the dream never came to fruition but then....



Moving and Math- Using Logic the First Day of School!



Finally, finally, I had the funds to purchase my own and immediately put them to use! On the first day of school, I set them up in the hallways to complete a math puzzle called, Twos to Nines Challenges which you may read about here. It was an instant hit with math and students. I was able to easily reset in between classes and students explore the math behind the challenge. Wipebook allowed them to stretch their logic on the first day of school! I love that they were able to write out their thoughts and trials and easily correct and edit as needed. The #VNPS allowed my students to be mobile on a day when they are generally just ‘talked’ too with procedures and lists.






Whole Group Learning and Strategizing 



 Another way that Wipebook has improved learning was being used to keep score in a math activity, which allowed all students strategize by analyzing the other groups’ work. We played a Computer Science game called, Berriables from Youth Code Jam and students were able to keep score on their own #VNPS  which when landing on the Golden Berry, a group could analyze what score they needed and others before changing the entire strategy of the game.






Wipebook, again, allowed for easy reset in between classes and engaging ways to record their scores and present their mental math in writing.



Egg-cellent Data Collection



Just recently, preparing to review Linear Regression, all classes gathered data and put it on Wipebooks to display throughout the day. They measured the circumference in counters of an egg versus its height in centimeters. Students were able to immediately see the trends, outliers, and compare to other classes.






This was just before Spring Break and after the break, we will analyze the data discovering the line of best fit for each class. Since it was an extended time between the collection and use, I saved all the data to the Wipebook App so I could create a worksheet from their own data.


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