Bloggers Wanted


Are you an amazing educator who has used Wipebook gear in your classroom? Do you love sharing your experiences with fellow educators? Are you interested in a FREE Wipebook Flipchart?


We are looking for you! 




We are looking for educators to highlight different ways in which they've used Wipebook gear in their classroom. Sharing strategies that they find useful and productive, such as #VNPS and #ThinkingClassroom.


In exchange for the blog post we would send you a free Wipebook Flipchart. 






General blog guidelines:


    • The blog is between 300-500 words 


    • 4-5 images in the classroom of students at work on Wipebook Flipchart #VNPS surfaces


    • Please use a google doc to make the draft and we’ll edit and post it. 


    • Content generally centres around how you use our products in class


    • Specifics about the actual rich problem that the students were tasked is also good content 





Additional info that we need from you:


    • School name


    • Board name 


    • Your position


    • Grade you teach


    • A photo of yourself 


    • Your twitter handle 


    • Twitter handle of your school board


      • Twitter handle of your school


    Here is a link to what the google doc draft that you provide us should look like:




    This is a good example from Alice of what the final post will look like after we edit it









    How do I make this happen



    Pretty simple actually: If you would like to submit a blog OR if you have any further questions please contact Rachel at the following email:



    Some more gear to help you build your thinking classroom