Some effective study tips for your students

Exam time is upon us, which means students everywhere are hunkering down with their study material in hand.


The question is: How do you make studying easier and more effective for your students?


The following tips MIGHT be simple on the surface, but probably a good reminder for your students which will help them maximize their studying efforts and get more BANG FOR THE BUCK (if you will...)


wipebook whiteboard notebook and dry erase all about routine and math 

Set up a study routine

As provided in this Huffington Post article, when it boils down to it, successful people are creatures of habit. So do yourself a favour and study at the same time and in the same place. Doing this will ensure that you have limited external distractions. A lot of people opt for a quiet bedroom or home office after class time, depending on their living arrangements. But regardless of when or where, setting up this routine is essential.



 wipebook whiteboard notebook and dry erase take a break

Study in small increments

Reviewing material in short bursts is a lot more productive than reading a textbook and reviewing differential equations for 48 hours straight while consuming 1950 ml of coffee/hour. The Pomodoro technique is a popular strategy; simply time yourself for 20-25 minutes and study for that allotted time. After the timer goes off, take a break for no more than ten minutes. This technique will prevent you from getting bored or burnt out.



 wipebook whiteboard notebook and dry erase make it fun

Make studying fun

Studying doesn't have to be a mundane task; inviting a friend or fellow student over for a study session can help keep EVERYONE accountable. If that isn't an option, use study material to your advantage. Make your notes colourful or even make drawings or diagrams to help you remember information; visual learners often enjoy doing this. (PLUS the brain likes to consume images; images are way more efficient in terms of memory recall.)



 wipebook whiteboard notebook and dry erase incorporate a healthy snack

Incorporate a healthy snack

Experts at Western Governors University suggests, "…eating the right foods gives your brain nutritional support, which helps you perform at the highest level." As a student, this is extremely important. During your study time, opt for foods such as your obvious fruits and vegetables, and go for things that are high in protein like tuna or eggs. It doesn't have to be a full-blown meal but it's nice to have a little something to give you that boost of energy.



 wipebook whiteboard notebook and dry erase ask the teacher

Don't be scared to communicate with your teachers (especially math teachers...) 

Many students generally never think to stay in contact with their teachers or professors. You can ask them for any further study material or their advice on test-taking. Your instructors are there to help you move forward successfully in your classes.


Studying can be fun and rewarding. It's all about how you approach it...


Just sayin'...


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