How Wipebook Workbooks Support Teaching During a Pandemic


Well, it looks like we will be starting year 3 of teaching that is impacted by a global pandemic. We have had to shift our mindset from shared community supplies in the classroom to individual student supplies. Students are required to transport supplies from home to school on a daily basis in case of an unexpected and immediate need for remote learning. At the end of each school day, students must pack up laptops, whiteboards, writing utensils and books to take home. Bookbags get heavy especially for young elementary students.



 Discovering Wipebook Workbooks 



That is why I was thrilled to discover Wipebook Workbooks. They function like the traditional whiteboards used in classrooms but are lightweight, easy to use, serve multiple purposes and have an app that saves your work for you!




Summer School and Wipebook



I was able to use Wipebook Workbooks with my Kindergarten students this summer during our 6 weeks of summer school. Students were still expected to take all supplies home each day in case we had a sudden need for remote learning. Having the Wipebook Workbooks rather than traditional whiteboards made it easier for my young students to transport them each day. They can easily be hole punched and placed in a binder. They also fit in a two-pocket folder which is where we kept ours.






 Wipebook Workbooks, Perfect for Kinders 



The Workbooks have a lined page, a graphing page and a blank page. Since I was working with Kindergarten students, we used the blank page the most often and the lined page occasionally. The graphing page would be perfect for upper grades who often don’t have access to graph paper. The Wipebooks use regular dry erase markers and easily erase. My Kinders would even wipe them clean with their hands despite my reminders to use the eraser. Once a week we would wipe them with a dry erase cleaner. They still looked new after 6 weeks of use by 6 year olds!



 The Wipebook App



One of the best aspects of the Wipebook Workbooks is the app!. There is no cost for the app. It allows you to quickly scan your work and save it. You can then upload it to Google Drive, OneDrive or other file storage spaces. Digital portfolios are becoming the norm in schools everywhere and this makes it easy to share your work.






I found the Wipebook Workbooks to be so practical and useful that I have already encouraged my colleagues to consider using them in their classrooms and my administration to think about how we can use some of the other Wipebook products in other ways at our school.



Melissa Darrow, K-5 Reading Intervention, Wakefield Elementary. 



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