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"It’s time for you to bring your note taking to the next level with one of Wipebook’s amazing reusable notebooks."



On an average day how many notes do you take?! Do you hate taking notes in your phone?! Or maybe you want to have the satisfaction of crossing something off a to do list. I know that I am constantly taking notes for work, play and personal daily tasks lists.I find my notes app in my phone becomes crowded and overwhelming, where as a piece of paper provides concrete pages that allow me to scribble all my daily tasks, silly notes and meeting notes. It doesn’t matter what type of note taker you are, Wipebook has the ideal notebook for you!



The Pocket Wipebook Pro 



The Pocket Wipebook Pro is the perfect notebook for the on the go “To do” list fanatic. I personally love creating “to do” lists and writing down my grocery list on paper to look at as a scroll down the isles. The Wipebook Pocket Pro is the perfect tool that allows you to write notes anywhere, its the perfect size to fit right in your pocket and write notes on the go! Perfect for any note taker!






The Mini Wipebook Pro



The Mini Wipebook Pro is the ultimate sleek and discrete notebook, perfect for pulling out during meetings anywhere you are, fits perfectly in your purse or small bag. This notebook allows you take notes on the go and feel cool and professional doing so. The Wipebook Pro Mini can allow you to never have to buy another notebook again.



 The Wipebook Pro



If you are a serious note taker that required ALOT of surface to work on then the Wipebook Pro is the notebook for you! The Wipebook pro is large and in charge, coming with 20 ruled pages and lots of room for activities. The cover is a beautiful faux leather that allows you to feel professional and environmentally friendly all in one. Our UV Hypergloss technology allows for minimal smudges, creating the perfect notebook to carry around in your briefcase or backpack.






Between these three notebooks what more could you possibly need?! It’s time for you to bring your note taking to the next level with one of Wipebook’s amazing reusable notebooks.



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