How long will my wipebook last


I generally write about productivity hacks, sustainability topics, or student study tips. Things of that nature. However, for this week's post, let's begin with a little change in pace.


Wipebook has been around for about three years now. And as a company, we're starting to grow up a little.


In fact, more and more businesses - for instance, engineering firms - are looking to go paperless and employ more environmentally friendly practices. Well, basically because it is the responsible thing to do, and there is an obvious ROI associated with it.



The cool thing is, they're considering Wipebook as a solution to the above.


wipebook whiteboard notebook specifications 

And here are a couple of questions that these companies ask us: "What are the your product specifications?" "How long will your product last?" Or: "If we have employees using the Wipebook Pro every day, how many times can they write on and wipe the pages?"


In response, I generally fire off some testimonials from our ZenDesk support system as provided below -- which also include twitter feeds, by the way….



ROSE: Hi guys. Love your books. Bought both sizes for everyone in my family. Two questions: My 5 x 7 is getting ratty. Do you sell replacement pages? Also, I love the book with the pen holder. What kind of binding does it have? It looks different than the original. If I wish to remove a page or change the page order, I use the open spiral. However, with the new "professional" book with pen holder, it looks like I will be unable to do that.


ROSE: Well I guess I have another question. You had a year-end sale and I couldn't get the link to work.

SUPPORT: Thinking about another one?

ROSE: Yes. Yes, I know it's only July.

P.S. FROM ROSE:  I discovered your books when I was in Costa Rica at a Spanish school and a classmate was from Canada! 

SUPPORT: How are things? [...] Awesome. Quick question: How long have you been using them [the wipebooks]?

ROSE: Two years, I think.





[Nate is a man of few words.]


So, in response to all those companies that want to choose a sustainable, bio-friendly product to replace their paper processes, we have a great answer. Rose and Nate have been using their Wipebooks for two-to-three years.


And we think that's a pretty good time span for using the same writing surface over and over again, if we don't say so ourselves. Whether you want something for you and your family, or for everyone at work, Wipebook's got you covered.