Hey, stop whining, shake it off, and try Again

We've all been there.


Something awful happens and we spiral into self-pity and a "why me?" attitude.


It's ok to give yourself a little time to wallow in the muck that is your life for a moment when sh*t happens, but eventually you need to pick yourself up and get back into the swing of things.


I’ll admit, my bed is a comfortable place. I'd love to stay in there some mornings and avoid some of the issues that I know are in front of me.


But I can't…. My mantra every morning when those thoughts cross my mind: Dude, you can’t change the world lying in bed…


One way to gauge whether you've been crying and whining about things for too long is to figure out how well you bounce back.


Try this simple test that will measure how quickly you can bounce back.




Let us know how you did on the test and how you plan to use it for bettering yourself in the future.


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