Hey Wipebook! What markers do you recommend

The whole point of a Wipebook is to knock down the hesitation barriers that you might have when brainstorming, problem-solving, and figuring stuff out in class for example.


Conventional paper isn't mistake friendly.


But whiteboards and Wipebooks are.


It's that simple... AND BECAUSE of the mistake friendly writing surface we can really get engaged, brainstorm, and be in a creative flow/state which at the end of the day for ALL INTENT AND PURPOSES allows us to get stuff done MORE efficiently.


And as an added bonus, Wipebooks are eco-friendly as well.


wipebook whiteboard notebook and dry erase markers

But, as with all good things, you can STILL amp-up your WIPEBOOK experience from "good" to "great" simply by learning a few simple tips and tricks so that you end up having the perfect whiteboarding session with our products.


Wipebooks are pretty flexible conceptually when it comes to brainstorming and problem solving. So as a result we have not one, but two very distinct picks for getting your marker game on point.


First, we'll break down the broader categories that these markers fall into:


wipebook whiteboard notebook dry erase dude with hat on board 


Dry erase markers are easy to erase and easy to clean.


When using our innovative #hypergloss Wipebook pages, you can treat using a "dry erase" just like you would on ANY conventional whiteboard.  Hence, when you are done with your brainstorming, ideation, or problem solving session, simply wipe it away with a dry cloth, whiteboard eraser, or, in the alternative, a whiteboard cleaner spray solution if you left your work on there for a little longer period of time. 


On the other hand, correctables are great for doing more serious work that's a step beyond the traditional brainstorming phase; they afford limited smudging and take a little more effort to wipe away.


But as a result your notes and ideas only come off  ... when you want them to.

Correctables are perfect for taking your Wipebook sessions past the pure brainstorming phase and into that semi-permanent state.


Correctables generally have built-in fabric erasers that work nicely for small corrections; however, for clearing full pages we recommend a micro-cloth or paper towel, SLIGHTLY DAMPED, with water. 


wipebook pro whiteboard notebook and dry erase


Whether you want to go with a dry erase solution, or use correctables, we've got you covered on the best choices for your Wipebook!


Here are the absolute best of both types for using on our #hypergloss Wipebook pages:


STAEDTLER 305-9 Correctables (the black ones)

  • Perfect if you want to keep your notes and ideas longer
  • We recommend the 305F-9 or 305M-9 variants, producing fine or medium lines
  • Works particularly great with our #hypergloss film to prevent smudging
  • Won't damage the #hypergloss film with average writing pressure (don't press down too hard with fine tip though)
  • REQUIRES quick recap; they can dry-out quick


STAEDTLER Tri-plus (the black ones)

  • Works awesome with our new Wipebook Flipcharts
  • Limited ghosting
  • Super long cap-off time
  • Perfect for brainstorming and ideation


Expo Ultra Fines

  • Available basically everywhere
  • Less ghosting than many competing brands (but not as good as tri-plus on our products)
  • Cheap
  • Long cap-off
  • Not as consistent as the tri-plus.


For either marker, we recommend cleaning pages at least once a week to keep your Wipebook pages nice and fresh. 


Use whiteboard cleaner for the tri-plus and the expos if markings have been on there for a longer period of time, for example, a week or so. 


Use SLIGHTLY DAMPED WITH WATER MIRCO CLOTH or paper towel for the correctables for notes that have been there for longer; no need for cleaners, as water is ACTUALLY better.... 


Go with one or both of these great marker options, and level up your Wipebook experience today!


Just sayin'