Mini Wipebook Pro versus IPad

Wipebook recently got involved in a cool paperless project with a fairly large environmental engineering firm.


Essentially, the firm wanted to rid its office of the paper waste that comes with printing and temporary note taking. So they came to us ....


Wipebook whiteboard notebook mini pro v ipad

Long story short: The firm wanted to transition to a paperless environment by providing sustainable and earth-friendly tools for their employees. It actually compared the Mini Wipebook Pro to lpads. The results of the pilot are provided below:


WIpebook pro no batteries required


The cool thing about Mini Wipebook Pro -- and all our Wipebook products -- is that they are always "on." There's no need for batteries or recharging.


That's right: No chords. No batteries. Always on.



When you write with one of our Mini Wipebook Pro, you're always writing by hand. And conveying your thoughts by hand allows you to really engage in the material.


According to William R. Klemm's article in Psychology Today, writing by hand could even make you smarter. You have to think about how you're forming the letters, so you have to pay attention.


And if you're jotting your notes on the board in cursive, you need to practice. Brain imaging studies even show that you activate areas of the brain when you write in cursive that are not stimulated when you merely type in your thoughts using a keyboard, Klemm tells us.


Wipebook pro cheaper than ipad


A Mini Wipebook Pro retails for $39.99. An lPad runs anywhere from $400 to $1,000. Enough said.



The Wipebook has its advantages when it comes to durability and the vicissitudes of life. I’m pretty certain that a Mini Pro could pass a four-foot drop test.


Even if you have AppleCare, I wouldn't recommend that you try that with an IPad at home, boys and girls.


Wipebook pro whiteboard notebook get your juices going


Human beings are tactile learners. And there's nothing out there that releases your creative juices like a white board. Anybody that has used a full-sized white board for brain storming sessions -- alone, or with the team -- can attest to that sense of freedom.


Why? Because the surface of a white board -- the proverbial blank slate -- appeals to our gut's desire to get our ideas out without guilt or inhibitions.


And if you make a mistake, you can erase quickly and easily. 



To sum it up, the tactile nature of working with a Wipebook allows for visceral ideation, focus, and immediate results. You don't have to find a printer. Your ideas are right there in front of you until YOU decide that it's time to make them disappear. And it could make you smarter if you write in cursive.


In fact, Wipebook is the perfect medium to brain-dump your thoughts and ideas for clients or colleagues.


There's no quicker way to tell the story of what's going on in your head RIGHT NOW than using a Mini Wipebook Pro.


Best of all: The Mini Wipebook Pro combines the creative freedom of a white board with the convenience of a notebook in a portable and really cool format.


Just sayin' ....