Experts sketch all the time. Just sayin'

Here's a secret about the work habits of seasoned professionals: Experts sketch, and they do it all the time.


They sketch when they're at the restaurant waiting for their lunch. They sketch in meetings. They sketch when they're bored. And they'll sketch on anything: Paper, napkins, whiteboards, and yes even whiteboard notebooks like the wipebook.


Simplify and externalize your thoughts


Sketching is a way to both simplify and crystallize your thoughts, especially if you have to break down each phase of your plan to envision your next move. Sketching provides a way to externalize those thoughts -- allowing you to subsequently expand upon them and make them accessible to the outside world. Stated otherwise: it gives you a way to unlock the series of mental chess moves that will bring your project, plan, or idea, to fruition.

The profound impact of doodling

Sunny Brown is a big proponent of doodling and sketching. She's of the opinion that it is an incredibly powerful tool that ultimately makes us more productive. That is why millions of experts doodle: It really does have a profound affect on deep creative processing.


Engineers have known done this for years


Engineers and other professionals have known this for years. Especially software guys .... In fact, if you work in software development, chances are, you know all about scrum, sprints, and agile approaches to completing short-term work projects.


And you understand how effective any non permanent surface is to the overall design process. There is something about a dry erase surface that allows your ideas to flow freely. And at the same time you ARE NOT held back because you're not scared to make a mistake on a whiteboard or in a wipebook whiteboard notebook for example.


But it's time to pass these little nuggets of wisdom on to other folks.


In fact, you don't have to do a scrum in order to see the value of working with a Wipebook. Mathematicians use our product to solve long problems. Underwriters, architects, wedding planners and graphic designers all use Wipebook to map out their projects.


Plus, even professionals who are experts in their fields at work use a Wipebook to complete tasks at home -- from forming a grocery list to breaking down the next DIY project.


So, got something important on your mind? You know what you have to do to make it happen.


Go on, and sketch it out.