Flippin’ thru: What’s in your Wipebook?

clean the pages


Spring cleaning is a big thing for anyone who’s adulting right now.

As the weather gets warmer, the 9 a.m. mandatory Monday query of “How was your weekend?” gets an “Oh, you know, not much … but I did manage to get some spring cleaning done.” type response.

That, right there, is +10 adult points.

Some of us make this spring cleaning/adulting time of year an occasion to clean up and organize our working and thinking spaces. And … some of us *cough* go as far as wiping our Wipebooks clean to remove all the residual squiggles and notes that are not worth pursuing - Marie Kondo herself would be proud (actually, we think Kondo would greatly approve of Wipebooks, since they replace all notebooks and save space and money).

Flipping through pages upon pages of half-baked ideas and half-finished to-do lists, it occurred to us to ask a few of our friends and followers about the content of their Wipebooks. If they were to flip through their journals or notebooks, what did their pages house? As it turns out: many. random. things.

So, what are some of the random contents of Wipebooks?

Things like:

  • Shopping lists
  • Workflows
  • Plans for an urban garden in the backyard
  • Lists of songs to download (ahem, “legally purchase” was implied)
  • Cartoons and sketches 
  • Homework (math seems a common subject)
  • Meeting notes and doodles
  • Calendar
  • Calculations comparing insurance policies (+20 more adulting points)
  • The alphabet, repeated several times (practicing handwriting)
  • Storyboarding
  • Tutoring French (Wipebooks display accents well. True story.)
  • Blog post ideas and early drafts
  • Travel plans
  • Several seating plan options for a wedding
  • Study notes
  • UX sketches
  • Recipes - both copied and original (enough with the kale salads, people!)
  • Mind/process map
  • Personas models for an IT project (yeah, that specific)
  • Zentangles

Joining the Frank side

But, facts and findings aside, why stop there? Why not use it for other things* like:

  • Keeping lists of foes and frenemies (organized by level of infraction)
  • Maintaining a list of celebrity crushes that you will not text back, because that’s how you roll
  • Detailing the spending of your eventual Lotto 7 winnings
  • Designing your superhero outfit (reminder: capes are not a good idea)

What about you?

Learning about all this made us even more curious, so we ask you - if you have one of our notebooks: What’s in your Wipebook?

* These other things are imagined by Frank, and not entirely endorsed by Toby. Not even a little bit.