Creating Engaging Learning Opportunities at Home with Wipebook Flipcharts



Yvette Lehman, Teacher Consultant/ "Homeschool" Mom, Greater Essex County District School Board. 



Since March 23rd we have been working remotely while navigating the new opportunity to simultaneously engage our 5 year old in meaningful learning. Our son Leto, who is five, is enjoying time at home with Mom and Dad; however, he is a very busy child who is constantly seeking engagement. We have done the best we possibly can to provide him with structure, engaging learning opportunities and outdoor recreation, while juggling the demands of our professional roles. One way that we have been successful is by creating a schedule of activities displayed daily on our Wipebook.





 Making Homeschooling Fun! 

In Leto’s schedule, we have taken some of the components of his kindergarten-learning environment that he is missing most and brought them into our home.  Leto particularly loves “the morning message”. 






In his Kindergarten classroom, every day a different student is the leader and that student gets to read the morning message. This highly anticipated event usually comes around once every two months. A highlight for Leto of his “homeschool” experience is that he gets to be the leader… every day!


 Creating Structure and fun at home

He is eager to share with us all of the things that he and his classmates do during morning message, including circling all of the site words. He demonstrates the various tasks on his Wipebook. Leto’s attitude towards “homeschool” activities like this one, and many others, has been enthusiastic so far. This little person really thrives with structure. So much so, that he has requested that “school” take place all seven days of the week.






Wipebook Flipcharts save the day!  

I was grateful to have a pack of 10 Wipebook sheets available to us during this time. Having this resource has supported us in our roles as parent/teacher, and professionals working remotely. With limited resources in our home at the moment, and a commitment to avoid public places unless essential, the reusability of this resource is ideal. We are looking forward to finding other creative ways that our Wipebook sheets can be used to engage our little learner.



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