Being Creative with Wipebook Scan



"I’ve found that the Wipebook has increased my creativity. In my experience, ideating and brainstorming on the Wipebook feels better and cleaner than doing it in a regular notebook"

How I Communicate More Effectively



As an engineering leader, ideation and communication are critical skills in my career. My responsibilities include planning and brainstorming as well as working with my team on solving complex problems.

The Wipebook Scan has helped me improve in these areas.


My primary use of the Wipebook Scan


Its size makes it a great tool to keep on my desk so that I can quickly jot down ideas and notes when needed. I often take notes during meetings and the Wipebook is a great notebook in this regard. At the end of the day, I can quickly scan my notes with the Wipebook app and even share the notes with the attendees if need be. The benefit of this workflow is that it allows me to take handwritten notes —which I prefer over electronic notes— while still being able to easily digitize and share them.



Additionally, I’ve found that the Wipebook has increased my creativity. In my experience, ideating and brainstorming on the Wipebook feels better and cleaner than doing it in a regular notebook. I also noticed that I’ve been dedicating more time for creative thinking over the last weeks so that I can use my Wipebook more often. In a way, it reminds me of the feeling of using a whiteboard in an office which I haven’t had the chance to do lately as I work remotely.



Doing homework with the Wipebook


In addition to using the Wipebook in my professional life, I’ve also been using it at home with the kids when doing homework. It’s been fun to have a portable whiteboard that they can use to do homework and practice on. The different sheet formats are great for their assignments. 

 Homework with Wipebook



Our kids tend to be more engaged and excited to do their homework when they are using the Wipebook! I’m not certain if it’s because it is similar to using a whiteboard in their classroom but I am very happy with the result.



An unexpected fun side effect of the use case above is that our kindergartener also wants to use the Wipebook and do homework just like her older siblings! She loves to practice her writing skills on it. She feels safer knowing that she can write and erase as much as she wants. This creates a great environment for her to be creative and grow.



Wissam Abirached, Senior Engineering Manager

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