A Loyal Customer

A Loyal Customer

Ashley Evans, Loyal Customer.



I was first introduced to Wipebook when my husband found their Kickstarter campaign back in 2014. Knowing how much I enjoy doodling and working out my ideas with a pen and paper, he backed the project and presented me with a Wipebook 2.0 with grid pages and a set of correctable markers. I loved how I could quickly jot down an idea or notes and the moment I didn’t need it anymore, I could just erase it. I didn’t have to keep track of a stack of papers and I felt I was doing my part for the environment as the amount of paper I used regularly went down.






My Wipebook lived at home and was used for many, many projects over the years. I helped a friend design a logo and was able to draw out different iterations of his idea with him right there. I used the grids to plan dungeons for some of my local tabletop role-playing games. The grid also came in handy for designing patterns for various projects such as knitting or planning out how to place cereal pieces to make an edible bead curtain.



As the world changed with Covid, I started working from home and began using my Wipebook for work. I found in my job that I was needing to make notes regularly for multiple orders every day that I would only need for the time I was working on the order. When Covid hit, I began working from home. It didn’t take long for me to start using my Wipebook with some dry erase markers for my orders. It was a moment of clarity I wish I had had years ago at work. I recommended Wipebook to my coworkers as I know they would benefit from one as I have.



After 6 years of use, I’m still in love with my Wipebook. While a few pages have worn down over time with regular use and cleaning, it’s still my go to notebook for anything from personal notes, work, or games.


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