Wipebook demonstrating Resilience in the Learning Process


Joe Archer, JR/INT Math Prep Lakewood Elementary School, Grand Erie District School Board.



This past week, I dove into some deep learning on Critical Literacy for my Information and Computer Technology Specialist Additional Qualification online class.



I have been pondering on how to provide rich insight into the practical tools in which are Wipebook products for a little while now. With critical literacy, learners become active participants in understanding meaning and message. It also moves learners to reflection, transformation and action.






While using Wipebook Flipcharts we begin to think, decode and decipher mathematical problems within a critical lens in small groups, pairs and tear the barriers by writing them out, by failing in the action of the writing process on those Flipcharts. Within those loss attempts we see our errors written in ink, sometimes in pictures, numbers and words, the steps we took that lead to failure...but within that work we also see options that we did not take, that create another attempt on another flipchart or in my case this past week within Student Wipebook Work Books. While students are working on various means (Wipebook Products) to solve independently or in pairs, small groups we begin to show, share and come up with visual errors that slowly begin to enlighten the truth and correct answers.



I have a saying that I try to use to empower students to be resilient in the learning process; ‘Failure is the greatest gift in the act of learning’, because within the action and engagement of deep critical thinking and reflection of our work we become aware of our errors, omissions and slowly but surely with the support of communication, collaboration of our classmates we tease out the correct means of solving mathematical problems and with Wipebook Products we do so not in an abstract means by hypothetical discussions, but by visual means with our work drawn up on Flipcharts, Student Wipebook Workbooks etc…






The reason why I stand so strongly behind items, learning and theories is because I believe wholeheartedly in the process of a life-long learning. What Wipebook provides is a visual means of demonstrating ‘Resilience in the Learning Process’ and this is incredibly powerful when we can show students what ‘Resiliency’ looks like. Without Wipebook it was incredibly difficult to demonstrate to students that they show signs of it, became somewhat ‘faith-based’, which is not so easy to get students to believe. Wipebook eliminated the barrier that students were stuck on before believing in themselves!



Wipebook brought out the belief within students that resilience in learning is possible, that the failures they take today bring about a growth mindset and self-worth tomorrow! Believing in oneself is the greatest thing we as Educators can give students, and the greatest thing our students can give us Educators in return is the notion and passion for lifelong-learning.



Thanks Wipebook for enlightening us all!



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