Social Shipping

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What is social shipping?

Social shipping is a group purchasing platform that allows customers to benefit from international free shipping by grouping multiple orders under a single shipment. Each campaign is run by a campaign manager who takes the responsibility to create the campaign, manage the page and receive the master shipment that he or she will then distribute to supporters of the campaign. If you are interested in creating your own campaign, complete the form below:

Submit your shipping information:

Create the campaign:

The form on your LEFT will allow you to create your own campaign. Simply fill in your shipping information and click submit. You will then be redirected to your own social shipping page which you'll be able to share with others.


Share the campaign:

Once your page is created, forward the link to as many people as possible. You can share the page via social media or simply by email.


Collect orders:

If someone you know is interested in joining the campaign, they'll be able to create an order directly through your campaign page and submit their payment. Once their order is complete, the progress bar will increase, and the entire campaign will be closer to being shipped.


 Ship all orders:

When the progress bar reaches 100%, the campaign manager will receive an email requesting a confirmation to ship the entire order. However, the manager can still keep the campaign open so that others can benefit from the campaign (thus the progress bar can increase beyond 100%). When ready to ship, the manager can simply push the confirmation button within the email notification , advising us to ship orders directly to him/her.


Deliver the orders:

Once confirmed, the package containing all orders will be shipped directly to the campaign manager. On arrival, the campaign manager will then be responsible to distribute the products to people who supported the campaign (which will be send via email). That's it! The social shipping campaign will then be complete.